How to choose a volleyball club

How do you choose the right club for your son?

3 factors to consider when picking a club:

  1. Competition Level - Make sure the club you select offers the level of competition you are looking for.
  2. Coaching Staff - Seek coaches who not only know what they are talking about, but know how to communicate it.
  3. Resources - Strength training, nutrition and mental well being are all just as important as your performance on the court.

Questions to ask yourself/your child

  1. What does my child want to get out of the club experience?
  2. Does my child want to play in high school? College?
  3. Does my child just want to enjoy the game and play with friends?
  4. What is my child's priority for allocating free time? (i.e. job, activities with friends, other club sports, etc?)
  5. Can my child keep up with school work?
  6. Can we afford the program we choose?

How important is coaching?

The most important consideration in choosing your child's club is who will be doing the coaching. Look for a club team with coaches who have volleyball backgrounds and who are passionate about the sport. You don't want a group of coaches who are simply there to make a little extra cash on the weekends. Do your research on where these people have been previously. No matter what the sport, there's really no substitute for top-level coaching.

Why Choose Cincinnati Attack?

  • 4-6 hours / week of "Volleyball Touches"
  • Positional training in addition to team practice
  • League style play in addition to practices & positionals
  • Up to 8 tournaments for National Teams
  • 200 + combined years of coaching experience from our staff
  • Access to local men's college head coaches
  • 15 of our coaches either are currently coaching a H.S. Boys program or did at some point in their past

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are tryouts?
  • Tryouts are held in September.
  • What is the practice schedule like?
  • Practices are held 3 times a week October through February. National teams resume practice in June (after the boys school season concludes) in preparation for Nationals which is held around July 4th.
  • What type of travel is required?
  • National lite teams have limited travel typically to Indianapolis & Louisville (or similar distances).
  • National teams will attend the same regional tournaments in addition to many tournaments held further away. Locations our National teams have traveled to include: Louisville, Indianapolis, Chicago, Nashville, Milwaukee & Pittsburgh.
  • Our top teams have also traveled to California (High School 1's teams only) in January and Orlando, FL (14U - 18U top 2 levels sometimes 3) around July 4th for the AAU Boys Nationals tournament. This is the final tournament of the season.
  • How much does club cost?
  • $1500-$3000
  • How many levels do you have per age?
  • The total number of levels depends on how many kids we have try out at that age group. Typically we have at least two teams per age level and sometimes as many as four or even five.
  • Our levels are broken down like this:
  • 1st team - Black
  • 2nd team - Red
  • 3rd team - Gold
  • 4th team - White
  • 5th team - Gray
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